Evanston residents protest new hot dog stand

Kevin Trahan

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A year after the Tilted Kilt made headlines in Evanston, another restaurant has city residents up in arms.

Felony Franks, a hot dog stand that has been based in western Chicago for the past three years, is trying to open its doors in Evanston’s second ward. However, citizens voiced concerns about the restaurant’s and menu items’ names at a recent community meeting.

The stand drew criticism in its former location in Chicago for menu items such as the “Misdemeanor Wiener” and “Probation Burger,” and it’s receiving that same criticism in Evanston.

Owner Jim Andrews said the stand doesn’t send a bad message; in fact, he hires troubled youth and ex-convicts – people who would typically struggle to find employment – to help them get back on their feet. However, some residents are worried that the business will perpetuate the thought of the 2nd ward as a high-crime area, and others feel the message is hypocritical.

“My personal feeling is that how you go about marketing the business is a distraction to the good work that you’re doing,” Ald. Peter Braithwaite (2nd) told the Chicago Tribune.

The original food truck closed permanently in Chicago on June 4 and the future of Felony Franks in Evanston is still uncertain.

– Kevin Trahan