The Week That Was/This Week NU Students Were NOT

Katy Kim

Men’s Basketball

Jeremy Lin has got nothin’ on John Shurna, at least in the opinions of Northwestern fans. Shurna, senior forward of the NU men’s basketball team, broke the school’s all-time scoring record in this past Saturday’s game against Minnesota. Go Wildcats!

Discover Islam Week

Muslim cultural Students Association (McSA) organized its biggest annual event, Discover Islam Week, which began Sunday and will continue through this Friday. The student group will host several speeches concerning Islamic culture, and hold an open Jum’ua session where non-Muslim students can also observe the sermon and prayer. There will be free hot chocolate served by McSA by the Rock this week as well to promote the event.

Norris Facebook Photo Contest

Norris held a competition for students to post photos that best describe why they meet at the student center. On Feb. 29, the winner will be announced, and that person will receive an iPad 2 and have their submission featured as Norris’ profile picture.

SCAPE on Air

The Big Ten Network’s (BTN) new television series, “Impact the World,” focuses on how Big Ten schools are making a difference. The second and last Northwestern story aired on Feb. 21 and focused on Northwestern’s efforts to reach out to the community through Serving Communities and Promoting Engagement (SCAPE), a day of service in Evanston and Chicago.

-Katy Kim

This Week, NU Students were NOT:

This week, NU students were NOT:

• Wondering who is the NU Men’s Basketball all-time leading scorer

• Feeling safe in EV1

• Bummed that Trader Joe’s is coming to Evanston

• Wading through heaps of snow (Is that you, spring?)

• Forgetting their registration times

• Avoiding being swept up by Linsanity

Celia Skaggs