Meet the Columnist: Julianna

Julianna Nunez

Hello all. I was born and raised in Chicago with my mom, dad and older brother. I spend the majority of my free time drawing, reading (a lot of this for reasons I cannot control) and watching movies. I love reading about dystopian societies and celebrity gossip (pretty eclectic). My tastes in music include Lady Gaga and several Broadway musicals (perhaps not so eclectic). I got into writing when I was in grade school and realized none of my peers liked me so I decided to start writing essays so the teachers would like me (it kind of worked).

I am a Medill sophomore and I hope to be a broadcast producer after I graduate (of course, selling my soul and becoming a PR is still not out of the question). I’ve written for the Daily before (unless I can find something better to do) and I have been cartooning (wow, that’s a word) since I was a freshman.

As far as my dislikes go, well, I do not like the cold (especially the kind by the lake), spiders (especially these), clowns (I have my good and bad days), and when customer service reps refuse to give me their full name as a source even after I explain to them that my teacher will get mad if I have a source without a full name (long story).

Anyhow, I hope to reach out to whoever decides to read this paper (besides my mother) and win them over with my whimsical ideas and opinions on the various things that happen on campus and whatever humorous little anecdotes pop into my head.

Julianna Nunez is a columnist for The Daily. Her columns will appear every other Thursday. She can be reached at [email protected].