The Rundown: Oct. 27

Rachel Morello

Gleek out

Sam’s back! Although Fox didn’t renew his contract, Chord Overstreet (Sam) will be returning to “Glee” for multiple episodes this winter, as confirmed by the show’s co-creator Ryan Murphy. Fans are thrilled by the news, and have been preparing for the show’s return on Nov. 1 by continually playing the show’s music on repeat for the last three years.

She’s real

JLo fled offstange during a recent concert after a dramatic performance of her song “If You Had My Love” proved to be too much for her. The rendition included depictions of the “American Idol” judge and each of her former lovers, causing her to burst into tears. Despire rumors of a romance with hunky actor Bradley Cooper, the star’s recent breakup with hubby Marc Anthony obviously still hurts … after all, she is still, is still Jenny from the block.

Department of redundancy department

Justin Bieber rented out an entire movie theatre for a romantic screening date with girlfriend Selena Gomez over the weekend. Didn’t he just do this like a week ago? Guess you can’t blame the guy for trying – one of his biggest hits did come from singing the same word over and over (Baby, baby, baby…).

Crank THAT, Soulja Boy

Rapper Soulja Boy was arrested along with four other men last week after police found a “substantial amount” of pot and guns in his car during a traffic stop in Georgia. Sorry, Soulja, looks like YOUUUUUUUU got busted.

He ain’t shia

Actor Shia LaBeouf brawled with a shirtless man outside a bar in Vancouver last week, after the man allegedly punched LaBeouf in the head. Witnesses said they were unsure if there was a clear winner in the fight – everything looked pretty “Even Stevens.”

– Rachel Morello