Medill graduate students present at Chicago Social Media Week

Marshall Cohen

Medill IMC graduate students participated Thursday in Social Media Week, presenting social marketing projects to a packed classroom on Northwestern’s Chicago campus.

Lauren Chapman, a member of one of the presenting teams, said 40 to 50 people were in attendance, and more followed the online live stream.

“The event was packed – we needed to keep bringing in more chairs into the room,” Chapman said. “It was a great experience, and I was very excited to be a part of this unique project.”

Two groups of students presented their final project from their spring IMC class, taught by Prof. Randy Hlavac. He said the event, called “Finding the Return on Investment in Social Media,” was a special opportunity for the Medill School of Journalism.

“We were one of very few universities that were asked to present anything this week,” Hlavac said.

Hlavac and fellow Integrated Marketing Communication professor Tom Collinger both sat on the Social Media Week Chicago Advisory Board.

Social Media Week is coming to a close after nearly 80 events in the Chicago area and more than 600 events spread out across 11 other cities worldwide.

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