Cohen: May 1 week in review

Marshall Cohen

Osama bin Laden killed

A team of U.S. Navy SEALs killed Osama bin Laden, terrorist mastermind and Public Enemy No. 1, last Sunday deep inside Pakistan in a high-stakes operation. Here is the NBC News Special Report, in its entirety:

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OBL: Where he was found

The leader of Al-Qaeda was tracked down to a large compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, an affluent suburb of the capital city Islamabad. A 12-foot fence, topped with barbed wire, surrounded the compound. Additional privacy walls were in place as well. There were no telephone or Internet lines going in or out of the house, and it was the biggest residence in all of Abbottabad. (Click here for the Google Maps image of bin Laden’s compound)

OBL: Students celebrate

Once news of Osama’s death broke, Americans took to the streets in New York City and outside the White House. Students at Northwestern rejoiced as well. People gathered in the library and at The Rock, waving American flags, playing instruments and singing the national anthem.

OBL: No photo released

In the days immediately after the big announcement, a debate erupted over whether or not the Obama Administration should release visual evidence of Osama’s killing. Ultimately, the administration announced it wouldn’t release the pictures Wednesday , since they were too “gruesome” and wouldn’t be informatory.

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