Blotter: Oct. 13

Kris Anne Bonifacio

Man trespasses in campus building, uses NU’s Internet

Someone trespassed in the McCormick Tribune Center Monday morning and used the Northwestern network to share copyrighted files, police said.

A member of NU’s Information Technology staff saw someone using the NU network and violating the Internet policy, University Police Deputy Chief Dan McAleer said.

When police arrived at the center, the staff member took them to the third floor, where a man unaffiliated with NU was sharing copyrighted files with other computer users.

The man had been sharing files using NU’s network for more than a month, McAleer said. Police escorted the man off campus. McAleer said they informed him he is not allowed back on NU property, and he will be arrested if he returns.

Student’s iPhone stolen while he plays squash at SPAC

Someone stole an NU student’s iPhone Monday night, police said.

The NU student left his iPhone on a bench outside the squash court at SPAC at approximately 8:15 p.m. Monday and played squash with a friend for an hour. Upon returning, the student found his phone missing and reported it to UP, McAleer said.

The student told UP someone had walked by the court while he and his friend were playing and stopped to watch the game, McAleer said. That person knocked on the glass and asked them what the score was before walking away.

McAleer said police have the description of the passerby and they are following up on the lead.

Golf cart found in middle of SPAC parking lot

Police found a golf cart in the middle of the Sports Pavilion and Aquatics Center parking lot Sunday night, police said.

An officer was patrolling the east parking lot of SPAC when he found a golf cart parked in the middle of the lot with a key in the ignition, McAleer said.

The side of the vehicle said “RSC Equipment Rental,” and the officer took the key and contacted the owner of the vehicle, McAleer said.

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