Blotter: Oct. 12

Kris Anne Bonifacio

Man arrested in connection with killing of Evanston man

Police arrested Evanston resident John Anthony Bamberg Jr. on Monday in connection with the killing of an Evanston man two weeks ago, police said.

The arrest comes just two weeks after the slaying of Marcus T. Davis, who was fatally shot while backing his car out of Smitty’s Garage, 1422 Dodge Ave., on Sept. 30, according to a statement released by Evanston Police Department. A passenger riding next to Davis was not injured.

“The offender and victim’s families and associates have had a relationship of consternation, and it has been going on for a while,” EPD Cmdr. Tom Guenther said. Guenther said he could not recall any dialogue between Davis and Bamberg prior to or during the shooting, and he declined to comment on the criminal records of both individuals.

Bamberg was arrested in South Chicago Heights with warrants procured Oct. 7 with the help of a witness, Guenther said.

Bamberg is being charged with first degree murder and attempted first degree murder. He was denied bail Monday and is scheduled to appear in court Oct. 15.

Student taken to hospital after having 10 vodka shots

The Evanston Fire Department brought an underage Northwestern student to the hospital after he vomited in a residence hall Sunday morning, police said.

The intoxicated student, who was found at Shepard Residential College, 626 University Place, told University Police he drank 10 vodka shots before police arrived around 2:19 a.m., UP Deputy Chief Dan McAleer said.

The student has been referred to Student Affairs, McAleer said.

Scraped, drunken student found on Lincoln Street

Paramedics brought an underage NU student to the hospital after police found him sitting on a curb Sunday morning, police said.

The student, whom police noticed during their rounds near 500 Lincoln St., had scrapes on his forehead, nose, right elbow and right hand, which he said he got when he fell, McAleer said. While speaking with the student, officers realized he was slurring his words, couldn’t stand on his own and smelled of alcohol, McAleer said.

The police then called the Evanston Fire Department to take the student to the hospital by ambulance.

Police referred the student to Student Affairs.

Student’s pipe confiscated at North Beach

Police took an NU student’s pipe after they found him smoking marijuana on the beach Saturday morning, police said.

The officers patrolling the 500 block of Lincoln Street around 2:15 a.m. saw a student run into nearby bushes near a water filtration plant, McAleer said. The officers followed the student and found him and two other people, who said they were “enjoying the scenery” of the beach. The officers noticed a wooden pipe half-buried in the sand, and the student admitted it was his and the group had been smoking marijuana from it, McAleer said.

The police took the pipe and referred the student to Student Affairs.

­- S.K. Dachowitz

Man arrested for stealing razors at Evanston Target

A man was arrested Thursday in connection with stealing razors at Target, police said.

A loss prevention officer was conducting floor surveillance at Target, 2209 Howard St., around noon when she witnessed Darryel Tyler taking six Gillette MACH3 Turbo razors from a display case and placing them inside his bag, Guenther said. Tyler then proceeded to exit the store without paying for the merchandise, Guenther said.

The merchandise stolen amounted to $164, Guenther said. Tyler was arrested and placed in custody. He is being charged with retail theft.