Daily Show’ comic to play NU at end of month

Alexandra Finkel

Quirky comedian Demetri Martin will perform at Pick-Staiger Concert Hall Feb. 26 at 7:30 p.m., A&O Productions announced Tuesday.

“We think he’s a great fit for our campus,” said A&O Director of Speakers Adam Pumm. “He has this intelligent brand of humor that will do well here.”

Martin has aired three specials on Comedy Central and has been featured on “The Daily Show” and “Flight of the Conchords.” His new show, “Important Things with Demetri Martin,” premieres Wednesday on Comedy Central.

Pumm, a Weinberg junior, said he has been working on Martin’s appearance since last fall, and contracts were finalized last week.

“While some of us were working on the midwinter event, others were always brainstorming about other events,” he said. “When it fell through, we had this on the back-burner.”

A&O Promotion and Public Relations Co-Director Barry McCardel said he hoped Martin’s appearance would restore students’ trust in A&O.

“We’re just coming off the midwinter event, and we know some students thought we weren’t planning anything else,” the Communication sophomore said. “So we’re hoping this gets everyone really excited because he’s a big deal.”

Martin was an ideal choice for A&O’s winter speaker because he’s not only popular but is also an up-and-coming comedian, said Katherine Halpern, co-director of Promotion and Public Relations.

“It’s the perfect time to get someone in their career,” the Weinberg junior said. “It’s a similar place that Flight of the Conchords was in last spring.”

Weinberg senior Anita Panjwani first saw Martin when she watched his special on Comedy Central two years ago.

“I’m really excited because it will be good to get a little bit of lightheartedness in the middle of Winter Quarter,” she said. “I’m not sure how widely known he is though, so I’m not sure it will sell out.”

For the first time, students will not have to line up at the Norris Box Office to purchase tickets when they go on sale Monday at 10:30 a.m. Students can purchase tickets online at the box office Web site, McCardel said.

Students must create an online profile and can purchase up to three tickets with one NetID. Tickets will cost $10 for undergraduate students and $15 for graduate students, faculty and staff. If any tickets are left, students can buy them online or in person at the box office Tuesday.

“Last year a lot of people got upset with ticketing so we’re hoping this new system will keep it more balanced,” McCardel said. “We felt like it was a better option for students so no one would have to wake up really early or camp out at Norris.”

But some students feel the new system may not be as fair.

Danielle Tannenbaum arrived at Norris three hours before tickets went on sale for Flight of the Conchords last spring.

“While no one liked to get up early and stand in line, it showed who really wanted to go,” the Communication sophomore said. “Now that it’s online, I’m afraid something could go wrong with the Web site.”

Still, Tannenbaum said she is very excited to see Martin.

“His humor is very unique; it’s different from the typical slapstick comedy,” she said. “It’s also nerdy and awkward, which is perfect for Northwestern.”

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