ASG president proposes reorganization of student government

Staff reports

Associated Student Government President Neal Sales-Griffin unveiled a plan to overhaul the organization Wednesday night. The constitutional amendment would reorganize ASG under one vice president and several committee directors.

The proposal, aimed to increase transparency and student involvement, would establish a director of human resources and director of research and development, in addition to the vice president. It would also change the names of several other ASG positions, including changing Executive Vice President to Director of Student Groups and Treasurer to Director of Internal Operations.

Influenced by the work of an ad hoc committee, the reform has been in the works since Sales-Griffin’s election last month.

The plan would also represent a major change in the way ASG committees work, including removing the requirement that each senator serve on a committee.

In presenting the proposal, Sales-Griffin argued that a fundamental change to ASG was needed.

“We could keep going with business as usual,” Sales-Griffin said. “But I think the reason we were elected…was because you wanted us to change for the better and you wanted us to use our best judgment.

Not all members of the ASG Executive Board agree with the proposal, Sales-Griffin said, with some members thinking the changes would add bureaucracy.

Members of ASG’s Rules Committee, who voted to allow the amendments to come before Senate at their meeting last night, spoke against the changes, arguing that the amendments “changed the philosophical position of ASG.”

“We see it as changing ASG from a student government to more of a business,” said committee member Grace Adamson. “Our job is to efficiently serve student groups, not be its own body.”

While the committee disapproved of the proposal, it voted to allow it to come to Senate so the greater body could decide.A forum will be held tomorrow night to discuss the changes.

More details to come on the outcome of the proposed amendment.

Read the proposed new job descriptions here.

View a document depicting how a reorganized ASG would work here.