Gameday Q&A with Sherrick McManis (Gameday)

Matt Baker

Daily Sports: What’s it like to make a really big hit on a wide receiver?

Sherrick McManis: It feels good. I don’t know what it’s like, but it feels good when I get the big hit.

DS: Which do you enjoy more: special teams or defense?

SM: Well, I’ll probably say defense because that’s my main job I have to do, but I love special teams because I get a chance to run the ball or make plays on something other than the big two – offense or defense.

DS: Who’s the smartest guy on the team?

SM: I’m going to go with two of my fellow DBs: Tim Downing and Ben Rothrauff mainly because they’re smart people. I know Tim is an engineer, and that’s one of the hardest majors at Northwestern, I think. And Ben Rothrauff is going for his doctorate.

DS: You played eight different positions in high school – how has that versatility helped you at Northwestern?

SM: I think it helps me since playing different positions in high school adapted me to learn how to adjust to different things in college. For example, I’m able to play not just one specific position – not just cornerback, but I’m also able to run the ball, go down and make tackles, stuff like that.

DS: What NFL player do you look up to most?

SM: Now I’d probably say Champ Bailey just because he’s one of the great cornerbacks. I have a greater respect for cornerbacks now even though I did play it in high school.

DS: What’s your favorite thing about playing for the Wildcats?

SM: I have to say my teammates. How we all get along. Seriously, there’s not like an outcast on the team. Everyone knows each other and gets along great.

DS: What was it like to intercept Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith?

SM: It felt good to have my first interception on someone that was winning the Heisman Trophy. I felt it was a good start.

DS: What pre-game rituals do you have?

SM: I pray before every game, and then once I get done praying, I just get focused and think about making big plays.

DS: How are things different now that you’re a sophomore on the team?

SM: I’m used to things now. I’m more prepared for things now. I understand what’s coming up, how to play in a Big Ten game, what’s expected. It’s a little bit more experience, that’s what it is.

DS: What’s your favorite food?

SM: My favorite food would probably be my mom’s spaghetti. I’ve tasted a lot of spaghetti, and hers just tastes a lot different than a lot of other people’s.