Snowstorms Delay Shuttles, Force SafeRide To Shut Down

Aliza Appelbaum

Tuesday’s snowstorms forced SafeRide to suspend service and left dozens of students stranded waiting for delayed shuttles.

“We don’t send cars out when we think there’s a danger to drivers,” said Ben Brenner, SafeRide coordinator.

Brenner said he decided to suspend service in conjunction with University Police early Tuesday evening. This is the first time bad weather has forced SafeRide to shut down this winter.

Students said they thought the suspension of service was justifiable.

“I would not expect them to run in weather like this,” said Music senior Richard Winkelmann, who said he uses SafeRide fairly often.

Weinberg sophomore Amanda Morsch said it might be dangerous for SafeRide to operate.

“I think there’s going to be a huge portion of people who would normally use SafeRide who are just going to stay in because of the weather,” she said.

The NU shuttle service was scheduled to run on time, but many students waited in the lobby of Norris University Center for the 6 and 6:45 p.m. shuttles, both of which were substantially delayed.

“Lots of people have been asking when the next one is coming,” said Weinberg sophomore Demetrius Harrison, who works at the Norris front desk.

Despite a sign stating that shuttles were still running, many students decided not to wait.

“I think that if they knew the shuttles were not going to run, they should have e-mailed the student body or made an announcement to let people know,” said Communication junior Amanda Tudesco, who said she spent almost an hour Tuesday waiting for a shuttle before heading home on foot.

A Norshore Cab dispatcher began informing some callers at about 9 p.m. that the company couldn’t manage the volume of pick-up requests.

SafeRide service is expected to return to normal on Wednesday.

-Aliza Appelbaum