In Brief

Nomaan Merchant

Students planning to take Chicago Transit Authority trains this weekend will have to do without the Purple Line, which will be closed for renovations.

Starting Friday at 8:30 p.m. until Monday at 1:30 a.m., the Purple Line will shut down between the Howard and Linden stations.

CTA spokeswoman Robyn Ziegler said commuters this weekend should experience no new delays, as the CTA plans to run extra buses stopping at or near each station on the Purple Line route.

Buses that normally stop on Benson Avenue outside the Davis station will load on Davis Street this weekend, as well.

Construction crews will tear down a 98-year-old viaduct over Church Street, one block north of the Davis El stop. A new steel bridge will be installed in place of the old viaduct.

“Replacing it will allow another 100 years of productivity,” Ziegler said.

The Purple Line will operate normally by Monday morning.

CTA officials decided to replace the Church Street viaduct to allow trains to travel faster. Trains were forced to move slowly over the viaduct because of its deteriorating condition. Construction began at the Church Street location July 24. This is the second replacement to train bridges on the Purple Line; the Main viaduct was replaced in November 2005.

Ziegler said Monday riders will not experience any decrease in travel times as a result of the new bridge because trains must abide by “slow zones” on other parts of the line.

-Nomaan Merchant