2 hopefuls bested by presidential joke entry

ulia Neyman

Dickie Humps rose to the occasion to beat two candidates in Tuesday’s Associated Student Government presidential race.

Humps, a nom de plume McCormick junior Richard Humphrey, beat out Weinberg junior Brandon Conrad and Weinberg sophomore Vishal Patel as a write-in candidate. Humps received 6.5 percent of the vote, not counting the votes of about seven students who misspelled his name.

“No shit, are you serious?” said Norbert Wroblewski, a McCormick junior, after hearing the results.

Wroblewski came up with the Dickie Humps campaign last year with his friend, McCormick junior David Macedonia.

“I think this is a big step, not only in the Dickie Humps campaign, but also a little step for mankind,” Wroblewski said.

Wroblewski added that Humps represents the ideal candidate.

“He likes hockey and foosball. He’s from the small Canadian province of Minnesota. He says stuff like ‘oof-dah’ and ‘you betcha,'” he said.

The legend of Dickie Humps began during New Student Week 2003, said Brian Patton, a McCormick sophomore. Sargent Hall residents were electing its ASG senators, and Humphrey’s friends decided to stage a write-in campaign because of Humphrey’s funny name, Patton said.

Humphrey won, but immediately resigned from his new position. Humphrey’s friends began campaigning for him as a write-in for last year’s ASG elections under the slogan of “Humphrey doesn’t know,” which is true: Humphrey said he has nothing to do with the campaign.

“I just think it’s amusing,” said Humphrey, who was surprised by the vote count.

His supporters created a group on thefacebook.com that had 332 members by election day. They also painted The Rock on Monday night.

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