ASG to vote on Shanley safety bill, investigate groups

Alexis Crawford

Improvements to Shanley Pavilion will be the subject of the first bill of the year for Associated Student Government.

The Executive Committee, led by ASG Executive Vice President Howie Buffett, will ask the Senate to vote on renovations to the student performance center at Wednesday’s meeting.

After a dressing room light fell and injured Communication senior Mike Kopera last week, many students expressed concern about the venue, Buffett said. The focus of his bill is to “maintain a safe environment at Shanley” by providing guidance and money for the repairs, he said.

“It’s part of my mission in supporting the performing arts community on campus,” said Buffett, a Communication junior.

If the bill passes, ASG would help with short-term improvements to Shanley such as installing new seating, dividers in the dressing rooms and a new lightboard as well as improving house lights. ASG also will develop a long-term plan to create more “black box” theaters on campus.

Aside from the repairs, reprimands for two student groups also could be on the agenda.

Financial Vice President Zaid Pardesi said two A-status student groups may have violated the Student Activities Finance Board standards for events they held last spring. But Pardesi would not reveal the names of the groups or the activities they sponsored. After a late-night meeting Tuesday which ended after The Daily went to press, SAFB decided whether to bring the groups before the Senate for punishment.

“Should SAFB still feel like there’s wrongdoing they will make a recommendation in terms of what should be done,” said Pardesi, a McCormick senior.

All A-status groups are required to follow a set of guidelines established by SAFB when holding events. Whether groups use their own money or student funds, they still answer to ASG, Pardesi said. Groups that violate the guidelines are brought before the Senate and SAFB recommends a punishment. The group is given the opportunity to state their case and the Senators vote on the penalty.

ASG also will welcome Rick Thomas, the new director of Norris University Center, who will speak at the meeting. He is expected to introduce his future plans for Norris and request input and ideas from ASG.

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