Evanston United Way to stay independent despite merger

Rachel Stults

Despite a merger that will join United Way chapters across Chicago into one organization, the Evanston branch has chosen to remain independent.

The Evanston chapter, located at 828 Davis St., is large enough to continue functioning and fund raising on its own, said a representative of the branch. Three other branches also chose to remain independent.

In January all chapters, including the United Way of Evanston, will take part in a separate merger and become members of an umbrella organization that will combine the United Way of Suburban Chicago and the United Way of Chicago. The new organization will be called the United Way of Metropolitan Chicago. This is a name-only change and will not affect the local chapter’s funding, the representative said.

Funding for the chapter is about the same as it was at this time last year, the representative said. The chapter has raised about $200,000. and is hoping to raise at least $550,000. The fund-raising campaign will end in January.

The United Way of Evanston distributes money every year to 27 local agencies, such as the YWCA, 1215 Church St., and the Reba Place Day Nursery, 740 Custer Ave.