Taking the stage

Rosa Mae Neel

Comedians Dave Chappelle and Jim Breuer made more than 1,000 NU students double over in their seats with laughter Wednesday night.

Breuer joined Chappelle at Pick-Staiger Concert Hall for a three-hour show. Chapelle, who recently filmed an HBO comedy special, and Breuer, a “Saturday Night Live” veteran, starred together in the movie “Half Baked.”

While Chappelle was on stage, he gave the sellout student crowd a 45-minute sex-education class.

“You guys have it really good,” he said. “You get to experience a lot of wild stuff. You get it on with a girl in your dorm room while your roommate is sitting at the edge of the bed.

“Enjoy it while it lasts,” he added.

But he said he’d rather pass on lap dances. “They breathe all over you. The bad music is playing. It’s like a bad dream – until you wake up and snap: ‘Hey, get out of my face! You’re not gonna fuck me! This is a trick!'”

Chappelle had the audience laughing at every phrase he uttered in his laid-back, denim-and-sneakers act, picking on everyone from feminists to Asian Americans. “I would never vote for a woman president,” he said at one point. “There’d be a war every 28 days.

“But I agree with equal pay in the workplace,” he added, to which the NU audience responded with cheers.

Chappelle also made a variety of comments about the foods enjoyed by various races.

“People think all black people eat chicken … It’s true. But not because I’m black. It’s because it’s delicious.”

“What do white people eat?” he then asked the crowd.

“Scones!” someone shouted back.

“Spread the word. All black people eat chicken, but all white people eat scones. Then a Mexican comes up. ‘Get out of here, taco!’ And then a Korean. ‘Get out of here, soy sauce!’ That’s a good reason to hate somebody – for what they eat. It’s a big interracial food fight.”

Chappelle showed up at Willie’s Food Court before the show. Students who recognized him rushed up to meet him as he bought his food. “I had a good-ass time in Chicago,” he told the audience.

After Chappelle, Jim Breuer stepped on stage with a band that played a big part in his show. Breuer said he was happy to have performed with his “good friend Dave” and the BreueCrue band – composed of drums, guitar and bass, whose three members are “friends from high school.”

During the show, Breuer did several sets with accompanying music. He made the audience laugh at his confessions – “I’m afraid of the boogeyman” – and about his role as the father of a 2-year-old. He gave the middle finger to Parenting magazine and the Baby Store, and advised women to be more honest with each other about the pain of childbirth.

At the end of his act, Breuer likened drinking to a party in your stomach. “Your stomach’s like a bouncer,” said Breuer. “The party in there goes well until the crowd starts mixing. Everything’s fine until tequila shows up.

“‘Come on, man, we won’t start any trouble,'” Breuer said in a Mexican accent. Sooner or later, it’s time for the guests to get out,” he said.

After the show, Breuer said: “NU students weren’t the usual crowd. They were watchers, very attentive.”