Pitching a tent

Members of Northwestern Student Television did a little community service Friday at The Rock.

To publicize the May 26 premier of their sketch comedy show, the group staged a raffle for virgins — the winner of which was deflowered by one of NSTV’s members.

“We were sitting around feeling sorry for the virgins on campus,” said Arlie Huff, a Speech senior and NSTV writer. “People protest about changing a lot of things and we’re starting right at home.”

How serious is NU’s tendency to keep students in study carrels instead of in bed?

“It’s a plague,” Huff said.

Weinberg freshman Katie Reardon, who romped with the lucky winner, said it was the least she could do.

“We just wanted to give back to the community,” she said.

But she said the lucky virgin, Weinberg freshman David Wiemer, needs some practice.

“It was a lot quicker than I thought it would be,” Wiemer said. “But I think the earth moved for both of us.

“Some people are virgins by choice and that’s really cool. I feel for them,” he said. “Other people, like me, are virgins by default, and I thank NSTV for helping me out.”

After the lovers exited the tent, wind started blowing it away.

“The weight of sin can’t even keep this tent down,” said Jessica Goldstein, Speech senior and co-director.

Cast member Tadd Wamester, a Weinberg senior, said the group’s show will be funnier than Friday’s stunt.

Its formula for laughter: “Cock equals funny,” Goldstein said.

Speech senior Lauren Gussis, NSTV executive producer, added that she wants to make the public servicing an NU tradition.

“What’s better than a nooner on a Friday?” she said.