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Schapiro endorses proposed ‘brothel law’ changes, calls for more reforms

Marshall Cohen, Print Managing Editor

November 29, 2012

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University President Morton Schapiro said Tuesday that proposed reforms to Evanston’s over-occupancy law are a “good first step” but do not go far enough to solve the problem. “You don’t want to have laws that don’t...

Evanston aldermen pass budget by unanimous vote, discusses ‘brothel’ changes

Rachel Janik, Reporter

November 27, 2012

Filed under City, Local, Politics

Evanston City Council voted Monday on the budget for the 2013 fiscal year and briefly discussed future changes to the city's controversial over-occupancy law. After a brief discussion on an amendment to Evanston's 2013 budget,...

Evanston officials to propose amending controversial ‘brothel law’

Marshall Cohen, Print Managing Editor

November 19, 2012

Filed under City, Local, Politics

Evanston officials are preparing to propose changes to the city’s so-called “brothel law,” the controversial occupancy ordinance at the center of recent town-gown tensions. The proposal would relax limits on the number...

Editorial: It’s time for a new conversation on race

The Daily Northwestern Editorial Board

October 28, 2012

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And so, once again, we are talking about race at Northwestern. The latest spark to what seems to be a never-ending flame was a Facebook dialogue that surfaced last week between Northwestern trustee Ben Slivka and Weinberg sophomore...

Frustration, understanding after Evanston aldermen punt on ordinance vote

Amanda Gilbert, Reporter

October 11, 2012

Filed under Business, City, Local, Politics

Evanston residents and Northwestern students expressed mixed reactions to the Evanston City Council’s decision Monday night to postpone voting on a proposed rental licensing ordinance. As written, the ordinance would require...

University enforces chalking, publicity policies

Lauren Caruba, Assistant Campus Editor

September 28, 2012

Filed under Administration, Campus

Be careful where you chalk. After issues last year with students using semi-permanent chalk on various parts of campus, Northwestern’s Norris Center for Student Involvement is now strictly enforcing its rules for publicizing...