Block 5: Wake Up and Smell the Roses

March 5, 2022

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Students reached the halfway point this morning at NUDM. Block 5 began at 7 a.m. and wrapped up at 10 a.m., leaving only five blocks remaining for students to complete. Though many students are running on little sleep, they are continuing to dance, not letting the deprivation stop them.

Many people lit up with pink and blue lights dance under a large tent. A girl with her hands outstretched stands next to a guy, both lit up with blue lights. There is also pink light in the background. A woman illuminated by pink light dances. There are many other people in the background dancing under pink lights.A man and a woman dance under blue lights. The woman is singing with her face toward the ceiling. The area around them is lit up with pink lights. Two women illuminated with pink lights dance on a stage. There is a screen behind them with a colorful graphic.A man and a woman dance on a stage. There are blue and pink lights. There is a graphic on a screen behind them.  A group of people in a circle dance under blue lights.

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