Best Grocery Store: Trader Joe’s

Joanna Hou, Copy Editor

Loaded snack aisles, fun pasta varieties and rotating seasonal options define Evanston’s Trader Joe’s, a hotspot for fresh produce and unique ingredients. Its farmers-market-esque charm and welcoming staff combine to give the grocery store a third Best of Evanston win.

Trader Joe’s assortment of cheeses, nuts and smoked meats provide an excellent starting point for those looking to piece together a picnic on the Lakefill. It’s a destination for students and residents on the hunt for quality options on a budget. From heavenly Garlic Naan Crackers to delectable cookie butter, Trader Joe’s provides something new at every turn.

In the dead of winter, blooming roses, tulips and hydrangeas are some perfect additions to sprucing up any indoor space. Trader Joe’s provides these for a steal — sometimes as low as $3.99 a bunch. The classic paper bag also doubles as a nice bouquet wrap.

For late night munchies, look no further. The wide array of options from the frozen aisle includes pizza, mini vegetable samosas, cheese enchiladas and more, satisfying any possible craving.

We can’t forget the seasonal standouts. Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s define the store’s holiday season, and Valentine’s Day brings the iconic Iced Raspberry and Cream Cheese Danish Strip. The store stocks fun goodies for any and every occasion.

No doubt about it —Trader Joe’s will provide something to brighten your life. It’s just a matter of making the trek, and it’ll be worth it.

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