Northwestern denounces threatening message in Multicultural Center


Daily file photo by Colin Boyle

The Multicultural Center. Northwestern administrators denounced a Tuesday threat to the Multicultural Center, which will remain closed until Friday.

Isabel Funk, Campus Editor

Content warning: This story contains mentions of threats of gun violence.

Northwestern administrators denounced the Tuesday threat to the Multicultural Center in an email to the community.

NU is actively investigating the threat and reviewing video and security footage. The email also encouraged students with information about the incident to submit a Bias Incident Report. The Multicultural Center remains closed until Wednesday, according to a Multicultural Student Affairs email.

The Multicultural Center closed Tuesday night after a student office assistant discovered a threat written on a whiteboard. The message read “I am insane, also I have a gun.”

The students working notified University Police and closed the building. UP patrolled the building and reported it safe, but increased patrols in the area. As of Wednesday afternoon, UP has yet to issue a Crime Notice to the community or upload an incident report to its Daily Blotter.

In the email, NU condemned attempts to intimidate or threaten community members, calling the incident a violation of NU’s values and commitments. The University also acknowledged the recent bomb threats at more than a dozen Historically Black Colleges and Universities around the country.

“Tuesday’s incident occurred in a space that centers the needs of our marginalized students while fostering community engagement and identity expression,” the email stated.

This story has been updated to reflect new information on the situation.

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