“The work continues:” Christian Wade and Ada Ogbonna sworn in as ASG president and vice president


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Bartol will join ASG’s executive office as Executive Officer of Accountability, a new position.

Joshua Perry, Reporter

SESP junior Christian Wade and Medill sophomore Adaeze Ogbonna were sworn in as Associated Student Government president and vice president during a Wednesday meeting.

The slate won in a landslide election last week, and will succeed former ASG President Juan Zuniga. While addressing the new executives, Zuniga said the job comes with good and bad times, but it plays an important role in amplifying the student body’s voice.

“Christian and Ada, you have a long and challenging road ahead of you,” Zuniga said. “I know that you’ll continue the ever long mission of uplifting those most marginalized on this campus.”

Wade and Ogbonna’s platform focuses on supporting student advocacy groups, reforming ASG and holding NU administration accountable.

The pair thanked Zuniga for ushering them into their new roles and supporting them through their candidacy. Ogbonna said she’s looking forward to helping achieve the goals she and her partner set out.

“The work continues, honestly,” Ogbonna said. “And I’m really excited to see what we can do in the next year and how we can actually make impactful change because I think it’s been a long time coming.”

Zuniga said he’s experienced difficulties in creating change through ASG due to institutional barriers and pushback from University administration. 

However, he said he has faith in the power of ASG to serve the developing and diverse needs of NU students. Zuniga added that change at NU will be powered by students’ collective voices.

“Northwestern is an old institution — really, as old as Evanston,” Zuniga said. “And sometimes it remains archaic… but what is new and what is constantly being renewed and constantly visionary is the students.”

Zuniga stepped into his role as ASG President amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, leading the Senate remotely from day one.

Weinberg freshman Dylan Jost, ASG speaker of the senate, said he was grateful for all those who have participated in ASG under Zuniga’s leadership during the pandemic.

“I know I speak for everyone when I say just how incredibly grateful I think we all are to have had you serve as the president,” Jost said. “It’s been an honor.”

Zuniga thanked the executive board and student leaders who helped him steer ASG through the difficulties of the past year. He said the Senate members should be proud of how they’ve served the student body over the months.

It may be daunting to push through lasting progress on one’s own, Zuniga said, but when members of ASG carry on the efforts and the legacies of those who serve them and rely on the support of their peers, big things can happen.

“It takes time and investment to bring change,” Zuniga said. “And if there’s anything I really learned throughout this year it’s that there really is no greater path forward than the one that you get to walk together with others.”

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