Northwestern is investigating three racist incidents on campus. Follow them here


Colin Boyle/Daily Senior Staffer

Northwestern is investigating three recent racist incidents.

Alan Perez, Editor in Chief

Northwestern officials are investigating three racist incidents on the Evanston campus in the past two months. Investigators have been unable to find the perpetrators, even after reviewing surveillance footage in two of the incidents. Here’s a recap of the incidents, and updates on the investigation to date.

Noose found in Henry Crown Sports Pavilion

A visitor of the Henry Crown Sports Pavilion informed the gym’s staff of a noose she found on top of a table in the common area outside the locker rooms March 15.

University Police opened an investigation, which included a review of the security footage. Police believe the noose was left on the table during closing hours.

On Friday, Patricia Telles-Irvin, the vice president for student affairs, said a student contacted officials and said she left the rope, which she was using for a class project. No suspects have been identified.

The University’s senior leadership team said in a statement to The Daily that it was “deeply disappointed and disturbed to hear that someone left a symbol of hate and intolerance on our campus overnight.”

First ‘IT’S OKAY TO BE WHITE’ sticker found in Allison dining hall

A student said on Facebook that he found a sticker with the white supremacist slogan placed on a pillar in Allison dining hall April 6.

Communication sophomore Rishi Mahesh said he stumbled upon the sticker while with friends. Telles-Irvin said in Friday’s email that police “have been unable to corroborate the reports made through social media.”

Investigators also reviewed footage and found no evidence of perpetrators. Officials searched the campus and found no other stickers, Telles-Irvin said.

Northwestern is encouraging community members to come forward with information about the incident.

A University spokesperson condemned the sticker in a statement to The Daily, and said acts of hate would “not be tolerated.”

Second ‘IT’S OKAY TO BE WHITE’ sticker found in Main Library

A student reported finding another “IT’S OKAY TO BE WHITE” sticker just after 6 p.m. on April 20.

Weinberg senior Samuel Webber said he found the sticker on the middle stall of the men’s bathroom near Main Library’s Information Commons area, located at the entrance of the building. Webber noted that he found the sticker on the same date Adolf Hitler was born, a day on which many hate crimes are reported.

Webber said he reported the incident to University Police after finding the sticker just after 6 p.m. He said police searched the building for more stickers, though he was unsure whether they found more.

The Daily contacted UP later that same night, but a receptionist declined to comment, referring The Daily to Northwestern’s media relations office. A spokesperson has not yet responded to a request for comment.