Blotter: Des Plaines man arrested in connection with felony aggravated battery

Sophie Mann, Reporter

A Des Plaines resident was arrested Wednesday night in connection with aggravated battery after inappropriately touching a woman in south Evanston.

The woman called the police after the man tried touching her arm and speaking with her on a CTA bus, Evanston police Cmdr. Joseph Dugan said. She then got off the bus for fear of more interaction.

He then followed her off the bus and tried to kiss and hug her, despite her telling him several times to leave her alone, Dugan said. When he began moving his hands toward her genital area, she was able to pull away and call the police.

Officers located him in the 400 block of Dodge Avenue, took him into custody and charged him with felony aggravated battery in a public way.

Evanston woman arrested in connection with battery, criminal damage to property

An Evanston woman was arrested Thursday evening in connection with battery in west Evanston.

The police were called to the 2000 block of Darrow Avenue in regards to a disturbance, Dugan said.

A man said that his friend had become angry when he wouldn’t lend her money, and she subsequently punched and broke the window of his back door, entered the home and punched him in the chest.

The man was uninjured, Dugan said. The woman was treated by the Evanston Fire Department for injuries to her hand from breaking the window.

The woman was charged with battery and criminal damage to property, both misdemeanors.

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