City Council may get salary raises in 2017


Daily file photo by Zack Laurence

Aldermen hold a City Council meeting. These officials may receive boosts to their salaries, depending on the findings of the Mayor’s Compensations Committee.

Robin Opsahl, City Editor

Council members elected next year may receive more pay than Evanston’s aldermen currently make, depending on the recommendation of a mayor-appointed committee.

The four-member Mayor’s Compensation Committee will meet at 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday to decide whether to recommend City Council raise wages for the upcoming year. The base compensation for Council members for the 2016 financial year was $12,784, with variation between council members due to amount of pension and benefits earned.

At its first meeting in late February, city staff were asked to compile data on how elected officials were paid in cities of similar “population size, style and size of government, and socioeconomic parameters” to Evanston, according to the meeting’s minutes. The committee will look at how council members are paid in these communities to determine if the city should recommend increases.

In addition to the salaries of Evanston’s nine alderman, the committee will also consider pay changes for Evanston’s mayor and City Clerk, the other elected officials working for the city.

City Council elections in Evanston will take place in April of next year.

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