A comprehensive Wildcat gift guide

Fathma Rahman, Reporter

Holiday Guide

So maybe you’re involved in a Secret Santa exchange, or there’s a wrapped gift with your name on it under your roommate’s desk — either way, you need to find a gift fast. But your brain is fried over finals and you just want to regift that Northwestern ornament you received from grandma when you first got your acceptance letter. To make your life easier, here’s a gift guide that your Northwestern friend(s) from are sure to love, customized for them by school:

MEDILL — “Write More Good: An Absolutely Phony Guide” — $10.40

Get this satirical AP Style Book for your journalist friends with a sense of humor. This book features satirical tips that your friends can use to perfect their articles and avoid that infamous Medill F. It may even replace their real AP Style Book!

BIENEN — Small Thumb Piano — $26.49

Give your musically inclined friend a small thumb piano for a portable, hipster way to keep their fingers busy on the go. It’s always convenient to have someone that can break out in random song at any moment — especially during the holiday season.

WEINBERG — Coffee Mug — $18.50

Weinberg students account for the majority of Northwestern undergraduates, most of whom are, have been or considered declaring pre-med at some point. Serve them up some vital caffeine in this coffee mug which will haunt them with memories of failed orgo midterms.

MCCORMICK — Mathematics Math Chalkboard Chalk Clock — $30

Get this unique clock for your engineering friends. Most likely, they are math nerds and will appreciate the fun that goes into customizing the clock! It works as a cool apartment accessory or, equally as practically, as a tool to help them memorize those pesky equations.

SESP — Lemon Tea Candle– $12.00

SESP is filled with people who want to make a change in the world. So for the holiday season, give your SESP friends something that quite literally lights up their lives and the lives of others. The organization Bright Endeavors helps young moms out of poverty by teaching them to craft premium candles in a supportive environment. Proceeds from the candles go to the women.

COMMUNICATION — Music Box Theatre Subscription — $50

The Music Box Theatre, located at 3733 N Southport Ave. in Chicago, is a venue in the city that shows independent, foreign, cult and classic films. A year-long season subscription, though a little pricey, is perfect for your Communication friends who are movie fanatics. It also gives them a fun reason to get off of campus and into Chicago.

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