Dillo Day main stage moved to Lakeside Field

Tyler Pager, Campus Editor

Dillo Day’s main stage will be moved to Lakeside Field because the usual stage location is unusable due to inclement weather and construction.

Mayfest and University officials surveyed the area Wednesday morning and determined the stage needed to be relocated due to recent rainstorms, severe weather forecasts and the nearby construction of the new athletic facility.

“Thanks to quick support from the administration, the Dillo Day stage has been moved and will be built on the Lacrosse field just north of its previous location,” said McCormick senior Allison Schloss, co-director of production for Mayfest, in a news release. “Aside from the new shift in location, we don’t anticipate any other major changes to the layout.”

The set times and capacity for the festival will not change.

Burgwell Howard, assistant vice president for student engagement, told The Daily that University officials wanted to make sure all students and guests were safe and comfortable.

“We just wanted to make sure people didn’t have to stand out there listening to their favorite bands wearing a pair of Wellies,” he said.

Dillo Day will take place Saturday.

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