New gelato storefront to open in Evanston

Bailey Williams, Assistant City Editor

An Evanston gelato factory plans to open a storefront in the city and make connections with Northwestern students.

Once the storefront opens, the existing factory part of Frio Gelato, 1701 Simpson St., will be visible to customers through a glass window set up behind the over-the-counter offerings. The gelato made will be made in a nut-free facility using gluten-free ingredients and hormone-free milk.

The store will have a delivery option and will offer gelato shakes.

“The addition of over-the-counter gelato is excellent,” Ald. Ann Rainey (8th) said in an email. “It offers more choices in more neighborhoods.”

The store, which was founded by two cousins, tries to emulate Argentinian gelato traditions, said Karla Tennies Koziura, the wife of one of the founders, who is spearheading the store’s business development. After moving to the United States, the founders found ice cream and other frozen desserts here did not compare to what they grew up with.

Tennies Koziura said she hoped the store would provide NU international students with an option that might be more familiar to them. She and her husband, Sebastian Koziura, also manage their own construction and real estate businesses.

“I always say that (the real estate) business is our bread and butter, and the gelato is our dessert,” Tennies Koziura said.

The store plans to have a grand opening May 17, where customers can receive free samples.

Frio Gelato is one of several new frozen dessert restaurants in Evanston. Tutti Frutti, 809 Davis St., an international frozen yogurt store, had its grand opening Friday. The businesses join existing frozen yogurt store Forever Yogurt, 1739 Sherman Ave., and frozen custard store Andy’s Frozen Custard, 719 Church St.

(International frozen yogurt company Tutti Frutti comes to Evanston)

Despite the addition of another frozen dessert establishment, president of the Andy’s franchise Andy Kuntz said he does not fear the competition.

“Variety is good,” Kuntz said, explaining that a variety of options would bring more people into Evanston.

This year, Andy’s has made less revenue that it normally does, which Kuntz attributed in part to unusually cold weather. Kuntz said he still feels the number of people visiting the store overall is growing.

“Support the one you like,” Kuntz recommended to residents considering their frozen dessert options. “I’m sure everybody doesn’t go to the same place every time.”

Tennies Koziura also said she was not intimidated by the frozen dessert competition in Evanston, saying she believes Frio Gelato’s product is unique.

Frio Gelato will donate some proceeds from the store to an organization in Argentina, Vision AR, that works to help students attend universities.

“Our ultimate goal and our slogan is making a difference one scoop at a time,” Tennies Koziura said.

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