Northwestern student robbed at gunpoint

Patrick Svitek, Summer Editor

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A Northwestern student was robbed at gunpoint Saturday night about 10 blocks south of the Evanston campus, according to a University security alert.

The student was walking southbound on Hinman Avenue near Kedzie Street at about 11:53 p.m. when at least two boys or men ran toward him, struck a pizza box out of his hands, and demanded his cell phone and money, the alert said.

The student told authorities he considered resisting, but then one of the people pointed a black revolver at him. The student handed over his cell phone and wallet, and the people fled immediately, according to the alert.

The student was not hurt, the alert said.

Evanston police looked for the people but could not find them. Authorities could not provide detailed descriptions of the people.

— Patrick Svitek