Dillo Nutrition: Steps to take to ensure a safe, healthy day

Elizabeth Freda, Reporter

Dillo Day is the one day of the year when Northwestern finally acts like the Big Ten school it is. Students all come together to “darty” (day party) and listen to music on the Lakefill, whether they appreciate the artist or not. If you’re 21 or older — or plan on drinking copious amounts of alcohol anyway, which I cannot condone* ­— this article is for you.

Morning glory

When you wake up on Dillo Day, your thoughts will probably jump to that off-campus shindig you’re trying to attend and all the friends you want to see. However, you need to take the time to fuel up for the long day ahead of you. Healthy fats such as salmon, avocado and nuts will help line your stomach and assure the drinks you’re downing don’t hit you too fast and knock you out for the day. They’ll also help prevent a hangover by giving your body more time to process the toxins in alcohol — something our 21-and-older readers may be concerned with.

Some like it hot

Temperature-wise, Dillo Day is as close to “summer” as it gets here in Chicago, meaning it’s going to be fairly warm (fingers crossed). Due to the elevated temperature outside and all the physical activity, stay hydrated with water so you don’t embarrassingly pass out on the Lakefill. During a regular day, you should be drinking about 64 ounces of water, so make sure to consume just as much on Dillo Day.

On the Lakefill

While enjoying all of the “festivities” Dillo Day has to offer, be sure to snack lightly throughout the day. Complex carbohydrates are always a good idea. Sure, they may make it take longer for alcohol to absorb into your blood stream, but do you really want to be that kid who passed out in the middle of the day?

Raging bull

While consuming shady beverages whipped up in people’s backyards, be sure to avoid caffeinated mixers. It’s also a good idea to avoid dairy products and spicy foods, because they are already difficult to digest. Adding alcohol into the equation will just further upset your stomach. Extremely salty food will also make you even thirstier, compelling you to drink more and making the rest of your day a rough one.

A streetcar snack named desire

Post-Dillo Day, you’ll probably want to snack … and snack you should. Look for foods high in potassium, such as bananas, to replace electrolytes you’re low on. Breakfast food may also be a good option — scrambled eggs are high in protein and taurine, which may help reverse liver damage, and orange juice can boost your blood sugar after a long day of drinking. Also do your best to drink plenty of water before bed — it’ll help with tomorrow’s throbbing headache that is sure to ensue.

*Disclaimer: Everything in this article is for of-age Northwestern students who may want to have a little “fun” on Dillo Day. I do not support underage drinking.