Letter to the Editor: Prentice promotions one-sided

Abraham Haddad

Dear Editor,

I write to complain about the full-page ads that appeared in The Daily during the past several days by a group trying to save Prentice.

I am disturbed by the fact that the ad provides a number to call to protest the demolition of Prentice but does not provide a similar contact for those who object to their cause. True, they provide a Facebook page, which you can comment on if you wish to have a Facebook account (which I do not). It is also interesting that they provide a medium (Facebook) that can only accepts “like” but does not allow “dislike”.

Furthermore, I find the building ugly and too young to be declared a landmark (one saves such designation for truly old buildings that need to be preserved).

Thank you for your attention.

Abraham Haddad
Northwestern Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science