Five Words For: Adele, ‘Someone Like You’


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

“Someone Like You,” one of Adele's most popular hits, made it onto the list of songs most frequently played at funerals.

Alison Abrams, Reporter

The annual chart of songs most frequently played at funerals was released this week and Adele’s “Someone Like You” came in at number 22, despite the fact that the song is about how easy it is to replace loved ones. The Daily and Current staffers respond:

“Fine, I’ll find another song.” — Joseph Diebold

“Is this a backhanded compliment?” — Pam Keller

“Disposable consumerism reaches new heights.” — Amber Gibson 

“They’re rolling six feet under.” — Katy Vogt 

“’Rolling in the Deep:’ better?” — Chelsea Peng 

“Well, it does induce tears.” — Chelsea Sherlock

“Better that than ‘Cold Shoulder.’”  Syndey Zink 

“These people suck at mourning.” — Alison Abrams

“She just keeps chasing coffins?”— Sam Freedman

“My funeral? ’21’ ON LOOP.” — Tom Meyer

“If it wasn’t depressing enough …” — Megan Patsavas