This Week We’re Obsessed With: Sixth season of ‘Gossip Girl’

Pam Keller, Columnist

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With only 10 episodes left before the series finale of “Gossip Girl,” viewers are anxiously anticipating the conclusion of the six-season-long drama. Here’s why you should tune in, whether you’re a devoted fan or casual channel surfer.

Eye candy

“Gossip Girl” revolutionized the portrayal of fashion on television. In season one, Blair Waldorf was the queen bee of Constance Billard. Four years after graduation, she’s now heading her own fashion company. The next episodes are destined to be more stylish than ever. The visual appeal of “Gossip Girl,” isn’t just the fashion. Outsider-turned-insider Dan Humphrey finally cut his hair, after displaying a disgustingly shaggy mop for all of last season. While golden boy Nate Archibald is as adorable as ever, no one can rock a suit (or purple) quite like former womanizer Chuck Bass.

Goodbye, good riddance

All the annoying characters are gone. Blair exiled Jenny in the season three finale after some irritating reappearances, so Taylor Momsen’s bleached blonde locks and raccoon eyes are gone for good. Similarly, Vanessa fled town after season four. Season five brought the confusing Lola/Charlie plotline. While Charlie will remain on the show, Lola will not, as Ella Rae Peck (the actress who plays Lola) booked a show with NBC.

Everything comes around again

If the previews containing flashbacks to the first season are any indication, season six will be heavily reminiscent of the beginning. Once again, Serena’s personal life is a wreck and it’s up to Manhattan’s elite to save her. While stale, this story arch is redeemed by the reassurance that it will be Serena’s final downward spiral. Plus, Blake Lively is almost pretty enough that her character’s shallowness can be forgiven. Furthermore, “Gossip Girl” devotees can also be heartened to know that some old characters (Nelly Yuki, Blair’s high school rival) will be making a comeback.

What now?

Like any season finale, the end of season five left some definite questions. While the characters have graduated high school (college, on the other hand, was never really clarified) and are all working, the real drama lies in the Chuck/Blair relationship. After six years of head games, intense chemistry, break-ups and make-up sex, it’s almost a given that they’ll end up together, if only to satisfy fans. And, you know, they’re totally meant to be.

You know you love me

Before there was A of “Pretty Little Liars,” there was Gossip Girl. Even now, the identity of the character voiced by Kristen Bell has remained a mystery. However, season five seemed to be setting up for a big reveal. Nate has vowed to expose the anonymous blogger and even has a “Who Is The Real Gossip Girl?” spread tacked up in his office. While a name to the veiled face isn’t guaranteed, fans can definitely expect more hints as the show draws to a close.

Previous seasons of “Gossip Girl” are available on Netflix, but prior knowledge of the show isn’t a prerequisite for tuning in to (or enjoying) the final season. New episodes air Mondays at 8 p.m. on the CW.