Blotter: Week of July 1

Audrey Cheng

Aggravated assault near Fountain Square, story remains unclear

A 32-year-old man reported an aggravated assault in the area around Fountain Square on Wednesday morning.

Perry Polinski, police communications coordinator, said the incident stemmed from the caller offering money to the alleged assaulter’s girlfriend.

“They were both intoxicated, so basically the one accused the other of punching him in the eye,” Polinski said. “The alleged offender claimed that the victim also swung a belt at him.”

The caller was transported to the Evanston hospital for his eye injury.

Reported gunfire on Lee Street

The Evanston Police Department received a call Thursday morning that reported shots fired in the 1900 block of Lee Street.

Polinski said the police checked the area and could not find any trace of gunfire.

“They believed it was possibly fireworks,” Polinski said.

Air conditioner stolen from construction site

A construction manager reported a missing air conditioning unit Tuesday in the 600 block of Chicago Avenue.

The Chicago-based construction company had set up a trailer for its current construction project, Polinski said. The air conditioning unit from the trailer was removed, but the thief is still unknown.

– Audrey Cheng

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