Photos: Northwestern’s Dance Marathon Block 9

Staff Report

Throughout a very emotional Block 9, the Be Positive Foundation “heroes” stood in the limelight several times, reminding dancers the reason for the 30-hour affair.

Vana, one of the children diagnosed with cancer, took the stage with her family, and their speeches brought tears to many of the participants’ eyes.

Vana’s mother thanked the dancers and both Vana and her sister had a few words to say to the dancers.

“I’m thankful that you guys are loving and caring… and that just makes us a better family,” Vana’s sister said.

“Thank you very much for raising money and dancing for kids that have leukemia,” Vana said. “And for inviting us over for dinner.”

LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It” followed their speeches, which was Vana’s song choice.

The men’s basketball team made a surprise appearance at the tent following their win in Iowa City, Iowa against the Iowa Hawkeyes, 70-66.

Drew Crawford took the microphone and spoke on behalf of the team.

“We’re really proud of you guys,” Crawford said. “Thank you guys for all the support you’ve given us all year. We have a chance to do some big things this year.”

The Be Positive Foundation “heroes” went on stage to get high-fives from the team, and the Wildcats lingered on the stage to show off some moves.

The crowd cheered on John Shurna and Dave Sobolewski to get their groove on, but the ever-bashful Shurna was too shy to dance in front of the crowd. Sobolewski dived into the crowd, though, and tweeted later that it was his first time crowdsurfing.

Continuing with the teary moments, John McDonough took the stage with the “heroes” and thanked the dancers once more. Some of the members of the 120-hour club, or students who have participated in Dance Marathon – either through dancing or serving on a committee – for all four years were honored with a video.

The Finance Committee announced that DM had raised $510,617 by the full-money deadline.

Kris Anne Bonifacio

Joseph Diebold and Paulina Firozi contributed reporting.

Photos by Rafi Letzter