Five Words for SNL star Kenan Thompson

Allison Lasher and Allison Lasher

One half of everyone’s favorite 90’s Nickelodeon duo and current “SNL” cast member, Kenan Thompson, hits NU Friday. The Daily and The Current staffers respond:

“Kenan? Awwww, here it goes!”

-Christopher Meyer

“I hope he brings Virginiaca.”

Celia Skaggs

“I wish Kel could come.”

Elyse Roth

“What ever happened to Kel?”

Ava Wallace

“Does wearing dresses feel …right?”

Annie Chang

“Everyday French with Pierre Escargot!”

Tanner Maxwell

“I clearly missed the 90’s.”

-Rafi Letzter

“Hey there. I’m a Sagittarius.”

-Kathryn Vogt

“Ooo wee, waddup with that?”

-Janalynn Pugh

“Do you love orange soda?”

-Derrick Clifton

“Where the hell is Kel?!”

-Jillian Sandler

“What are Good Burgers like?”

-Megan Patsavas