Q&A: Student throws one of several first pitches for NU Day at Wrigley

Peter Larson

Medill senior Patrick Lester won a contest sponsored by Buffalo Wild Wings and got to throw one of the ceremonial first pitches at NU Day at Wrigley. To prove his worthiness, Lester had to answer Cubs trivia questions and say why he was the most deserving candidate. Excerpts:The Daily: What was it like standing on the mound at Wrigley Field?Patrick Lester: It was really awesome. I walked out there and you can see the centerfield scoreboard straight ahead and that’s not anything you ever think you’re going to be able to do. When I first walked up on the mound and touched the pitcher’s pad, it was crazy. It was great.Daily: So you’re a longtime Cubs fan, then?Lester: Since ’98 when the home run race was happening with (Sammy) Sosa. I’m from Albuquerque, New Mexico, but I was a Cubs fan because I got the games on WGN. So I got to watch and I got really into Sammy Sosa and the Cubs and all that.Daily: Had you ever played baseball before? Did you ever play growing up?Lester: I never played little league actually, but I played with my neighbors and all the kids in my neighborhood who did play little league. We just screwed around in the garage and in front of our houses.Daily: Did you throw a strike?Lester: It was really close. It was right over the plate, but it was a little bit low. But I didn’t bounce it and that’s what matters most. My pitch was better than Fitz’s and the other dude who was in front of me. Mine was the best.Daily: What about the Cubs right now?Lester: They suck right now.Daily: Do you think they’ll tie the game?Lester: Well, it’s the bottom of the order, so if I had to bet money, I’d say no. I’m hoping they do-let’s get some runs.Daily: Did you happen to see if they were measuring the speed of your pitch?Lester: Oh God, no. Maybe 50 mph. It was location that mattered the most. I tried-I didn’t really practice.Daily: Were you nervous?Lester: When I got up there I was just hoping my arm wouldn’t freeze as soon as I started going through the motion. I just went up there and did it and that was easy not to psych myself out about it.[email protected]