Blotter: Feb. 15

Grace Johnson

NU student refuses police request to shut down party

A female Northwestern student resisted University Police efforts to shut down her off-campus party early Sunday morning, a police official said.

Police went to the residence, 621 Garnett Place, due to a noise complaint, Deputy Chief Daniel McAleer said. When the officers spoke with the resident, she said she was having a Valentine’s Day party.

Police observed 40 people at the party and noticed a strong smell of alcohol emanating from the resident, McAleer said. They gave the student a verbal warning and asked her to turn down the music. But after the police left the student promptly turned up the music, causing the police to return, McAleer said.

Police spoke to the same resident and gave her a citation, causing the student to become verbally combative, McAleer said.

“You can leave on your own time,” she reportedly told her guests. As guests started to leave the party, one of them called the police officer “dumb,” while another guest attempted to start a physical altercation with the officer, McAleer said.

Because most guests were intoxicated and uncooperative, it took police an unusually long time to clear the party, McAleer said. When police asked the resident to sign the citation, she again became combative, and police threatened to arrest her. A friend of the host then controlled her, and she signed the citation, police said.

North Mid-Quads door found unlocked, held open

A community assistant on rounds early Sunday morning found a door open in North Mid-Quads, 650 Emerson Ave., police said.

Police found the door unlocked, with black electrical tape keeping it open, McAleer said.Police removed the tape and secured the door.-GRACE JOHNSON