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Alexandra Ilyashov

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While in the throes of the NU grind, do you ever stop to ponder what ties bond and endear you, or, perhaps more accurately, keep you sane and afloat? Given the descending storm cloud that is midterms, we thought it apropos to remind ourselves of with whom we develop our deepest connections and share our most ridiculous moments. Relationships bound in shared genes (and sometimes jeans) take the spotlight in this week’s issue as Paulina Lopez explores sibling relationships on campus. For a more theoretical take on the concept of being at NU with someone who shares your last name, I implore you to read Emmy Blotnick’s latest column. During a visit from her non-NU brothers, she accidentally discovers the loving quirks and indispensable friends underlying her Wildcat experience, with the poignancy and wit we (and hopefully you, too) eagerly anticipate each week. In Head First, Alyssa Meza shares the adventure that is transferring and finding one’s own footing at a new school. On a slightly fluffier note – literally – check out the lowdown on owning a pet on- and off-campus. At least you won’t be alarmed if you encounter a live parrot mimicking partygoers’ drunken babblings or a snake shimmying toward you during this Saturday’s keg-stand. Speaking of football, we’ve got you covered from pre-tailgate face painting to post-game refueling in Getting Graphic. At the risk of being a preemptively sentimental senior, I urge you to spend a moment taking stock of what keeps you rallying on through all that makes NU what it is. I always thought it was my copious caffeine consumption, but turns out it’s a whole lot more.