The Brow: Critical Reviews

LOW BROWHe’s Just Not That Into YouKen KwapisWith few exceptions, the characters in He’s Just Not That Into You are pretty cookie-cutter: The girl who wants her boyfriend to propose, the commitment-phobic boyfriend, the married man with a wandering eye. Still, there is enough truth in these characters and their pathetic antics to keep 20-something women giggling and gasping. There are even lessons to be learned under all the romcom fluff – remember, if he wanted to call you, he would. HJNTIY falters when it tries to cook up a fairy tale ending, but until then it provides an all-too-true look at the foibles and failures of the dating scene.-Kate BernotMID BROWLudoMetro, Feb. 4With three openers straight off the MTV circuit, the gig reeked of Lady Speed Stick and adolescent male body odor. The scene was, well, scene, and the music was surprisingly good, including a cover of Faith No More’s “Epic.” Ludo played all of the crowd-favorites, including the entirety of their little-known EP Broken Bride, but the true winner was the anthemic finale, “Good Will Hunting By Myself” from 2004’s self-titled freshman album. It almost made me miss being fifteen and precocious, toting fried hair, slam dancing to pop-punk music and macking on a dirty boy in the back of a smutty club.-Coco KeevanHIGH BROWLykke LiMetro, Feb. 7Lykke Li, breaker of alt-bro hearts: Your sweet-yet-sinister love songs are even better when you flagellate yourself onstage, pounding your shoulder with a tight fist and dancing madly in the spotlight. Dressed in a cape and gaudy jewelry, Lykke played a too-brief set of the best songs off her debut album Youth Novels, throwing a few Kings of Leon and A Tribe Called Quest covers into the mix. Lykke’s handclaps got the crowd thrusting to songs like the robotic “I’m Good, I’m Gone” and crying during melancholy shit like “Tonight,” showcasing, what else, her range. Be my Valentine, Lykke.-Jeremy Gordon