Karma on Howard Street

Scott Gordon

An independent “metaphysical bookstore” three blocks west of the Howard Street El stop is not merely a place to find novel items and exotic ideas — it’s part of one man’s effort to nurture the spiritual health of the world.

Infinite Light, Ltd., 525 Howard St., sells Tarot cards, fortune-reversing candles and books on topics from mainstream Christianity to Freemasonry and alchemy. But selling books — with eclectic titles such as “Karmic Tarot” and “After Life: The Complete Guide to Life After Death” — is not a money-making venture. For owner Ron Losczyk, helping people access the divine is more important than profit.

Currently his business is not breaking even; Losczyk supports it with income from his full-time job in the tools and dyes division of S&C Electric Company. He even admits that running the store “doesn’t make economic sense.”

“It’s not so much that I wanted to start it,” says Losczyk, 50. As a teenager, Losczyk had several out-of-body experiences that cultivated his interest in spirituality and fostered his “overwhelming desire to help people.”

In 1992 Losczyk opened Light of the Moon, Ltd., a bookstore and caf