The Daily Northwestern

Letter to the Editor: Building bridges, not walls, for Israel-Palestine dialogue at Northwestern

Julia Rudansky, Jonathan Kamel, Alex Krule, Tina Umanskiy, Josh Boxerman and Tal Axelrod

October 15, 2014

In light of recent conversation and events on campus regarding Israel and Palestine, we want to clarify what the pro-Israel community at Northwestern stands for. We welcome open conversation about this sensitive, important...

Letter to the Editor: Calling for justice with a mock wall

Dalia Fuleihan and Cinthya Rodriguez

October 7, 2014

When you walk by The Rock this week you will find a mock border wall erected around it. With this installation as our protest, we come forward to declare opposition to apartheid, wherever it may occur, be it in Evanston, the...

Guest Column: Taking sides on contemporary injustice

Serene Darwish

August 10, 2014

“I am a Palestinian Arab, and I am also an American. This affords me an odd, not to say grotesque, double perspective.” Edward Said spoke these words, in a lecture on academic freedom, at South Africa’s University of Cape Town, and 23 years later, ...