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Evanston aldermen consider $50,000 grant for tech incubator

Rachel Janik, Reporter

September 24, 2012

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The Evanston City Council met to discuss disbursement of $50,000 in grant funds to Technology Innovation Center Monday, following which members of the council expressed their shock and grief at the recent shooting death of Evanston...

Evanston, Northwestern split bill for improved off-campus lights; some areas remain underlit

Marshall Cohen

May 22, 2012

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Northwestern and Evanston split the costs to install dozens of new streetlights in underlit areas near off-campus student residences last year, according to University and city officials. The collaboration indicates a commitmen...

State liquor board hears The Keg of Evanston’s appeal, decision expected before summer

Marshall Cohen

May 16, 2012

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The Keg of Evanston's fate could be decided before the summer. The Illinois Liquor Control Commission will rule on The Keg's appeal within three weeks, said Susan Hofer, a spokeswoman for the state liquor board. Evanston Mayor Elizab...

First LEND microloan paid back by Evanston barbershop owner

Susan Du

May 12, 2012

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A student-run microfinance organization was repaid in full Saturday for its first-ever loan, courtesy of recipient Ebony Barbershop in Evanston's 5th Ward. Lending for Evanston and Northwestern Development, a student-run organization, pr...

Northwestern students involved in 9 of 12 incidents cited by city at Evanston 1st Liquors

Marshall Cohen and Joseph Diebold

May 9, 2012

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Northwestern students were involved in nine of the 12 incidents that led to a $2,000 fine imposed against Evanston 1st Liquors last week. Citing public safety concerns and a recent spike in ordinance violations, Evanston Mayor El...

Evanston alderman Fiske blocked Betsi Burns’ appointment to landlord licensing committee

Marshall Cohen

April 9, 2012

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Ald. Judy Fiske (1st), whose ward includes part of the Northwestern campus, lobbied to exclude the only University administrator nominated to join the city's Rental Unit Licensing Committee, according to internal emails provided ex...

Q&A with ASG presidential candidates Kameron Dodge, Victor Shao and Dan Tully

Allison Lasher

April 1, 2012

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Sidewalks are covered, email lists are blasted and profile pictures are changed. This can only mean one thing: ASG elections are upon us. ASG candidates hit the campaign trail on Monday, with three sets of candidates officially launching their b...

BREAKING: The Keg of Evanston will reopen Thursday night, owner says

Marshall Cohen

March 6, 2012

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The Keg of Evanston will reopen Thursday night, owner Tom Migon told The Daily in an exclusive interview. Chicago-based licensing attorney Barry Holt, who is handling Migon's appeal, said The Keg, 810 Grove St., could legally r...

Controversy arises over Evanston committee appointments

Kris Anne Bonifacio

February 28, 2012

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As the Landlord Licensing Committee plans its first meeting in the next month, some residents are hoping aldermen will take a second look at the list of appointed members. At a Feb. 13 Evanston City Council meeting, a few res...

In Focus: Northwestern-Evanston ties thrive most at the top

Marshall Cohen

February 26, 2012

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Despite rhetoric about brothels and crackdowns on underage drinking, top Northwestern administrators and Evanston officials who collaborate on a regular basis say city–University relations are much stronger today tha...

Evanston “blacklist” contains few actual violations, realtor group says

Marshall Cohen and Kimberly Railey and Marshall Cohen and Kimberly Railey

February 26, 2012

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Most of the student-occupied houses cited on a public list of properties "under investigation" for breaking city codes contain few or no violations, according to a report issued Thursday by the North Shore Barrington Association of...