Captured: Evanston bursts with color for 100th Fourth of July Celebration

July 5, 2023

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Evanston hosted its 100th annual Fourth of July parade Tuesday. This year’s floats featured Evanston officials, musical groups, sports teams and organizations, all of which performed for spectators along Central Street.   

A woman waves an American flag from a car decorated in red, white and blue.A man waves at a girl in the parade crowd.A girl sticks her tongue out from a yellow float.A man embraces a woman in the parade crowd.A woman kisses a spectator's cheek.Cheerleaders point orange and silver pom poms. A girl looks out of a cart decorated in red, white and blue tinsel.A man in a green shirt converses with a woman. Boys in blue shirts toss boomerangs into the air.Firework mascot and someone dressed in an Uncle Sam costume wave at spectators.

Desiree Luo is a student in the Medill-Northwestern Journalism Institute this summer.

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