Block 8: Block to the Future

March 4, 2023

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Dancers were energized by the finale of a tug of war match and performance by the Northwestern football team. Between dancing, participants of the Northwestern University Dance Marathon played with colorful beach balls. All dancers came together to cheer and dance with families from NUDM’s main beneficiary, Little Heroes League.

A group of people wearing pink shirts stand and kneel on a stage.
A person in an orange shirt extends two arms to hit a colorful beach ball.
A DJ behind a laptop stands in front of a banner saying “Block to the Future.”
A person in a pink crop top hits a colorful beach ball with one hand.
A person in a colorful shirt and heart-shaped sunglasses strikes a pose.
A person in a black sports bra looks back at a person in a pink shirt who is smiling.
A person in a pink shirt pulls a rope.
A group of people in pink shirts pull a rope in a game of tug of war.
A person in a purple and white overall pulls a rope.
Two people holding hands look to the right while people dance in the background.
Two people in alien glasses stand with arms around each other.
A group of people in pink shirts face each other and dance.
A person in a purple sweatshirt stands in front of a group of people and looks to the right.
A group of people standing in a line extend their arms to high five people.
A person holds up a phone above their head and smiles.

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