Block 7: Agents of Purple

March 4, 2023

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Dancers are almost a full 24 hours into Northwestern University Dance Marathon. Dancers were served a hearty lunch before watching performances from Brown Sugar A Capella and Refresh Dance Crew. From activities like learning a new dance style, petting mini horses and then participating in a relaxing yoga class, the dancers enjoyed an exciting block.

A group of people dance onstage wearing black shirts and maroon pants.
A group of people dance onstage wearing red hoodies.
Four people dressed in purple and pink clothing stand with open mouths.
A person wearing sunglasses hugs a mini horse.
Two people with hands interlocked dance in a purple room.
Two people wearing pink are stretching out their legs on stage and while one person holds a mic in their hand.
A group of people do yoga on the floor in a dark tent.
A group of three people embrace each other in a hug.
A person is stretching under the blue light.

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