Block 5: Wake Up and Slay the Day

March 4, 2023

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Dancers were already 12 hours into the Northwestern University Dance Marathon. A breakfast of bagels refueled participants, then Northwestern University Drumline energized the room with their percussion performance. Between bursts of pop music, teams played a customized game of Wordle and University President Michael Schill visited the tent to thank dancers for their fundraising efforts.


People in black play drums and cymbals on stage as people sit on the ground below.

People in black play drums and cymbals on stage.

People standing on floor-level copy the dance moves of people onstage.

People cast in a blue light make heart symbols with their hands.

People watch a word game on a television.

A person in a white shirt jumps in the air as the end screen of a game shows on a television.

A person in a black jacket stands as a group of people sit in a circle on the floor.

A person holding a clipboard dances on the floor-level with other as other people dance onstage.
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