Synergy Grant funds quantum research at Northwestern


Daily file photo by Ava Mandoli

Technological Institute. Chemistry Prof. Michael Wasielewski’s research will be the beneficiary of the grant.

Davis Giangiulio, Assistant Campus Editor

Northwestern received a Synergy Grant from the European Research Council to tackle complex research questions, the University announced Wednesday.

The funding is a six-year grant worth €9 million, or about $8.97 million, that goes to four principal investigators. The team includes chemistry Prof. Michael Wasielewski, whose research focuses on quantum science.

The Synergy Grant will go toward the team’s project, “Chirality and spin selectivity in electron transfer processes: from quantum detection to quantum enabled technologies,” which focuses on how to use chirality to control electron spin in quantum science.

We are delighted that the European Research Council has given our team the opportunity to develop this understanding,” Wasielewski said in a news release. “Harnessing the expertise needed to solve such complex problems benefits greatly from international collaboration.”

The European Research Council reported that about 360 proposals were submitted for the grant, and the council eventually selected 29 winning projects. 

The University said the funding means researchers can continue to conduct “cutting-edge” research in the field.

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