EPD responds to shooting, one dead

Isabel Funk, Summer Editor

Content warning: this article contains mentions of gun violence and death

Evanston Police Department officers responded to gunshots fired at about 9 p.m. Thursday evening on the 2100 block of McCormick Blvd.

Officers found a deceased adult male who suffered gunshot wounds in the park along the canal. 

EPD reported that the initial investigation suggests the victim had a confrontation with an unknown number of offenders, who fled the scene on foot after shooting the victim.

While this is not an active shooter, EPD advises residents to remain indoors for the next several hours because the offenders are armed and are not yet in custody.

McCormick Blvd. will be closed between Bridge St. and Golf Rd. for the next several hours. EPD reported there will be significant police presence for most of the night and residents should avoid the area. 

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